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Sea Foods

Our factory is located next to major fishing harbour and fishing villages, which gives us access to very fresh raw material. Highest quality standards are maintained at every stage of processing, packaging & storing by our well-qualified & motivated workforce. We consistently deliver freshness, quality and taste as we have the ability to accommodate specific packing and shipping requirements of our customers. All items will be packaged and shipped accordingly for proper shipment and arrival to your facility. Our full-time quality assurance staff checks all seafood to ensure our customers receive only the best!

Frozen Sea Foods

Indian White Prawn

Black Tiger Prawn

Mandapam Flower Prawn

Flower Prawn

Pink Shrimp

Brown Shrimp

Marine Shrimp

Red Ring

Deep Sea Prawn

Giant River Prawn

Spiny Lobster

Rock Lobster

Spiny Lobster

Deep Sea Lobster

Sand Lobster

Mud Crab

Three spot swimming Crab

Blue Swimming Crab

Indo-Pacific Crab


Soft Bone Cuttlefish

Loligo Squid

Semi - Needle Squid

Bigfin Reef Squid


Double Skin Octopus

Green Mussel

Yellow Clam




Milk Shark

Black Tip Shark

White shark

Blue shark

Shark DWT

Cowstall Sting Ray

Silver Pomfret

Chinese Pomfret

Black Pomfret

Indian Mackerel

Pacific Mackerel

Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel

Indo-Pacific King Mackerel

Seer Fish

Kingfish Steak

Yellowfin Tuna

Skip Jack Tuna

Big Eye Tuna

Frozen Waste Tuna Meat

Little Tunny

Black Spot Snapper

White Spoted Pigface Bream

Silver Frunt

Long Spine Grouper

Malabar Reef Cod

Areolated Grouper

Thornycheek Grouper

Sin Croaker

Big Eye Croaker

Spotted Croaker

Tigger Tooth Croaker

Horse Mackerel

Ribbon Fish

Hair Tail Ribbon Fish

Indian Oil Sardine

Hilsa IIisha

Indian Anchovy

Indian Halibut

Malabar Sole

Sea Bass


Indian Salmon

Indian Goat Fish

Moon Tail Bullseye

Japanese Thread Fin Bream

Yellow Fin Sea Bream

Indian Conger Eel

Bombay Duck

Jelly Fish

Dolphin Fish

Pearl Spot


Sushmi grade Tuna HGT

Sushmi grade Tuna

white shrimps

Tuna Loins

black tiger-shrimp




sand lobster



Snappers and Groupers

White Pomfret

Black Pomfret

Kingfish whole

Fish fillets



On-board Frozen Tuna

We are pioneers in mediating onboard Tuna fish directly to Canneries. Our main clients include tuna canneries, canning packers, retail processers, cold stores and seafood dealers. The company has long and successful relationship with companies from Philippines,Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Norway, Ireland and others. We are currently searching for deep sea fishers worldwide.The company's philosophy is to establish long term business relations based on predictable terms, trust and a common goal to develop profitable business for us as well as for our partners.

Sea frozen Skipjack Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna sea frozen

Bonito Tuna

Yellowfin DWT

Indian oil sardine