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About Us

Alga International has forged ahead to be recognized as the leader in processing and delivering a range of seafood products of the highest quality. We has been renowned for the supply of premium quality seafood products to major companies around the world and with constant investment in resources it is able to offer all their customers the confidence that products are consistent, derived from sustainable resource and manufactured with full product traceability, whilst upholding the utmost importance of Food Safety in mind.

There were no role models or any set standards available at the time when we started off this business and hence each & every step was put forward carefully by adopting professional management practices and diversifying in a large way. As Importing countries have stringent rules & regulations especially for import of sea food and frozen food items, Alga International ensures that strict quality measures are adhered to, with the focus of food R&D to continuously understand the needs of the consumers as well.

Alga International has become synonymous with all that is best in the efficient supply of quality seafood. Our strong experience in process and international sales, which make us very well know about the international market. Our products are hygienically stored and packed to ensure to retain the freshness and nutritive content.

We realize that our success emerges from access to ocean-fresh raw material, speed and excellence in processing, efficiency in packaging and the adherence to stringent quality control measures all along the process line. From selection of raw material up to export we are particular to keep up the guide lines accepted internationally. Hence, our integrated operation and supply chain management enable us to provide the best comprehensive seafood products and services to the domestic and international market.

In 2009, realizing the global demand of Indian ethnic foods, Alga International introduced a separate Division for Frozen snacks & foods and Frozen Vegetables. "ALGA" brand of frozen foods started receiving good consumer feedbacks and all is set to establish a global reputation for quality frozen food product of the highest grade.

The company is looking forward to establishing long term tie-ups with prospective buyers, traders and super market chains in its expansion plans this year, whilst continuing to meet the requirements of its existing customers. We are also specialized and active in mediating onboard frozen tuna in the recent years and soliciting more deals and offers.

ALGA VIETNAM was the first overseas subsidiary of ALGA GROUP established in Vietnam primarily as a sourcing center for its global clients. This office has been set up with fully dedicated admin and Quality Control staff and resources. Under the stringent Quality Control procedures, 100 percent quality has been assured by our Quality Controllers there. Tie-ups also have been made with leading Vietnamese seafood processors and companies. We also source herbs and spices from Vietnam and Cambodia.

The main products we source for our global partners includes Pre cooked Tuna Loins, Tuna steak, Tuna loins , Tuna CO treated Basa HGT, Basa steak, Basa fillet(PANGASIUS), Sailfish HGT, Marlin fish HGT, Sword fish HGT, Mahi mahi fillet, Sardine whole, Sardine HGT, Indian mackerel, horse mackerel, short body mackerel, Frozen skip jack tuna , round scad, yellow tail scad, ,Pink Tilapia whole, Pink Tilapia fillets, Barramundi, Seer fish, Tilapia, black pomfret, ,farm pomfret, canned Tuna, Canned Sardine, cuttlefish Fillets, Squid Fillets, Cooked octopus, seafood mix and many more…

Mr. T.M Zainudheen Our Founder

Founder's Profile

Started his seafood career as a supplier of raw materials and later put his footprint into Seafood Processing by the launch of his own fish canning unit named Royal Food Packers, 30 years ago. From his passion for seafood exports, V-Marine Exports was launched in early 1990s. He was always proactive and took lead in updating technology, quality systems and logistics of the seafoods at his processing units. Mr.Zainudheen was well respected in his trade and seafood business circles. After his demise in 2003, the responsibility of business was transferred to his elder son Mr.T.Z.Mujib who then became the CEO of Alga International.

Mr.Mujib’s goal is to fulfill his father’s vision of becoming a preferred marine exporter in the region, with his two decades of experience and wide relations in seafood processing and exporting field. Mujib is being assisted by his two younger brothers with the extensive support of highly qualified and dedicated staff. Now, Alga International is a popular brand in Seafood export industry, specialized in procuring, processing and marketing of seafoods, frozen snacks and vegetables.


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